ITIL’s Journey of Acceptance

Yesterday, August 21, 2005, we delivered the first day of the first class for the first US graduate program in IT Service Management. This significant event occurred without fanfare or fireworks. Nine students took part in this seven-hour event.

This is a direction that I have long believed to be crucial in the evolution of ITIL and IT Service Management. Academia has responded to industry’s demand for ITIL. By recognizing IT Service Management as a discipline suitable for academic study, the University Of Dallas Graduate School Of Management is paving the way for other universities to follow. Hopefully, other universities will see the value of applying academic rigor to the management of technology in addition to the development and application of technology.

I would like to encourage all IT Service Management enthusiasts reading this article to write to your Alma Mater and encourage them to adopt the study of IT Service Management as an academic discipline.