Services Have Types?

Service is an integrated composite that consists of a number of components, such as management processes, hardware, software, facilities and people that provides a capability to satisfy a stated management need or objective.

IT services can be divided into customer/end-user facing IT services as well as services or sub-services that support customer facing IT services. Organizing services in this way ensures that all services have goals that include the needs of the customer.

Defining customer facing IT services in customer terms serves to insulate the customer from the underlying technology. It reduces the need for customers to be technology savvy, which frees them to spend more energy on revenue producing tasks. Customers are already well equipped to purchase services. Customers purchase all kinds of services from internal and external venders on a regular basis, and are generally very comfortable with the process. Providing customers with this level of comfort and insulation from the technology minimizes the tendency to micromanage the IT activities.

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