Author: Ron Palmer

  • Knowledge and Power

    The novice says “knowledge is power,” and takes pride in their saying going viral. The master reflects on “the proper application of knowledge creates power.” The difference in wording, is mere nuance. The difference in impact, is everything.

  • Adobe InDesign TOC Tab Leaders with Spaces

    When I wrote my book in 2013 and did the layout in Adobe InDesign, I was able to put tab leaders in my table of contents and have spaces after the chapter title and before the number. I remember this being relatively easy then, but I couldn’t reproduce it in laying out my current book.…

  • The Key to Services is Simplicity

    Where organizations start thinking of services in terms of the complications or complexity of delivery they approach services from the wrong direction. Where organizations think in terms of how to make customer transactions simpler, they are approaching services from the right direction. This is another way of saying that service providers should start from the…