Ron B Palmer Resume / CV

I am a thought leader in IT Service Management with twenty years of IT experience in consulting, training, operational leadership, and book authorship. I have owned my own company developing and delivering ITIL certified training. I’ve worked for a top 4 consultancy delivering consulting services to some of the world’s largest companies. I’ve also held IT leadership roles in small companies early in my career and most recently served as a director-level Lead Architect with a State Farm Insurance Co., a Fortune 50 company. I am an author of three books one on IT Service Management and two on constitutional family law.

[su_spoiler title=”Strengths:” anchor=”Strengths”]

  • Twenty years of IT technical, managerial, and leadership experience (thirteen of those years exclusively focused on ITSM. Six additional years of military service)
  • Leading IT Service Management transformation projects for Fortune 100 companies developing and implementing ITSM roadmaps, producing work effort assessments for RFPs, and facilitating organizational change
  • Conceptual design of Enterprise IT Management solutions based on Industry best practices and premier tool sets BMC/Remedy, ServiceNow, HP Service Manager
  • Design and implementation of Self Service Solutions and Service Catalogs using BMC Remedy/SRM.
  • Expertise in IT Management: Incident, Problem, Change, Release, Configuration Management; Service Level, Financial, Availability, Capacity, Service Continuity Management
  • Experienced ITSM trainer:
    • MOF
    • ITIL V2 & V3 Foundation
    • ITIL V2 Practitioner
    • ITIL V2 Service Manager
    • ITIL V3 Intermediate Courses
  • Extensive communication skills including: C-level, sales, education, strategy, execution, organizational change
  • Deep technical background with a wide assortment of technologies provides the ability to drill down into detailed business/technical requirements and produce architectures and roadmaps
  • Proven leadership level experience in a Fortune 50 company with enterprise responsibility for service management [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Industry Certifications:” anchor=”Certifications”]

  • ITIL V3 Expert Certification
  • ITIL V2 Service Manager Certification
  • ITIL V3 Intermediate Certifications:
    • Service Operation
    • Operational Support and Analysis
  • ITIL V2 Practitioner Certifications:
    • Support and Restore (IPSR)
    • Plan and Improve (IPPI)
  • ITIL V1 & V3 Foundation Certifications
  • ISO/IEC 20000 Certifications:
    • Service Quality Management Foundation (SQMF)
    • Alignment of IT and the Business
    • Control of IT Services
    • Management and Improvement of ITSM Processes
    • Support of IT Services,
  • Microsoft Certifications:
    • MCSE Windows NT
    • MCSE Windows 2000 [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Accenture: Manager Level Consultant (2010 – 2014)” anchor=”Accenture”]

Lead ITSM related projects large and small for some of the largest companies in the world with accountability for people, budgets, and project results. Worked with client account teams to develop further business, contributed to RFPs, and created ITSM IP for Accenture use. Devised strategies for ITSM adoption. Created Roadmaps and lead global process design efforts. Staff Augmentation leadership role as Lead Architect (director level) with State Farm Insurance Company. Held enterprise responsibility for strategy, direction, and architecture for service management. Responsibilities included multimillion dollar project budget development, project governance, leading people, setting direction, working with peer directors and multiple vice presidents, vendor management, service management suite deployments, compliance, and senior ITSM SME. Worked daily as a team with two functional directors to deliver enterprise wide service management, with twenty plus managers and hundreds of staff. (The SF role was a public and highly visible role where my association with the client is and was public knowledge)

[su_spoiler title=”Franklin Technology Strategies: Owner (2003 – 2010)” anchor=”Franklin”]Ran all aspects of the business including sales, delivery, and back office support. Developed an accredited ITIL training program, partnered with other companies to deliver ITIL training and consulting, wrote three books on IT Service Management, successfully and profitably self-published two of the three. Created and delivered certified and non-certified training and awareness courses. Consulted with and trained C-Level executives. Contracted as an Examiner with APMG contributing directly to the Service Manager Bridge Exams and indirectly to several other exams. Contracted with EXIN to review and create English language ITIL Foundation exam questions. Co-developed a graduate program in ITSM at the University of Dallas. My book was used for that course and at other universities around the world. I coached the instructor through the first delivery of the initial course and was a member of the steering committee. Worked with the itSMF Academic Committee to develop and facilitate the annual academic conference.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Column Technologies: Senior ITSM Trainer / Consultant (2008 – 2009)” anchor=”Column”]Column Technologies is a top BMC / Remedy reseller. Responsible for all ITIL content, course development, training trainers, and ITIL industry relationships. Worked with Practice Manager to build and improve the ITIL practice. Extensive experience educating and selling CIOs and senior management teams on service management and related service management software. Worked with sales staff to facilitate customer budget allocations towards ITSM software solutions, Remedy. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Microsoft: Solutions Architect (1999 – 2003)” anchor=”Microsoft”]As a Solution Architect, I helped Enterprise customers improve their management of existing technologies through implementation of “operational best practices” toward the following goals:

  • Implementing strategies that better align technology activities and expenditures with the creation of value
  • Designing service improvement projects that significantly increase ability to manage existing technologies
  • Realigning IT activities and integrating technology silos with the larger vision and purpose of IT and the business
  • Increasing effectiveness of core IT processes such as responding to incidents, resolving problems, and managing changes
  • Leveraging efficiencies to begin proactively improving IT service delivery and business perception of IT
  • Improving understanding of IT costs and allocating costs to IT services delivered to the business

As a Technical Account Manager for Microsoft, I was responsible for the ongoing support relationships with Premier Support customers. My primary responsibility in this capacity was to ensure my customers experienced a quality support relationship with Microsoft. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Qualcomm: Senior Engineer / DBA (1998 – 1999)” anchor=”Qualcomm”]Supported 2 divisions for fortune 500 wireless technology company, sysadmin 600 – 800 workstations. Experienced first-hand the importance of process in large complex IT environments. I worked through the difficulties of poor change control and IT group silos.  Built bridges across silos and negotiated informal SLAs.  Was an advocate for a more integrated and managed IT infrastructure.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Interlink: Level 3 Technical Support (1997 – 1998)” anchor=”Interlink”]Supported fortune 100 customers integrating NetLOCK IPsec compliant, packet level network encryption software into enterprise networks. Diagnosed and replicated customer problems in complex TCP/IP and IPX network environments. Set up multiple sub-nets in a laboratory environment and configured NT, Solaris, and HPUX multi-homed machines to route to these sub-nets in conjunction with Cisco routers. Voting member of the Software Change Request Review Board. Reviewed and authored end user documentation and provided in house NT technical support to developers and Quality Assurance technicians. Developed web based documentation using Front Page and MS Personal Web Server [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”American Corrective Counseling Services: Director of IT (1997 – 1997)” anchor=”American”] Turned around a disorganized, out of date network environment, in two separate companies, which was heavily dependent on the network administrator for routine tasks. Organized daily activities, trained non-technical staff to do routine activities, trained IS assistant to do semi-technical routine duties, prepared for and drew up plans to upgrade critical systems. After three months daily operations were running smoothly, upgrade plans were postponed due to cash constraints, and IS activities were turned over to a part time IS contractor. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”d’essence Designer Fragrances: Director of IT (1996 – 1997)” anchor=”Dessence”]Recruited by former manager to a startup company that was experiencing rapid growth. Purchased and installed new workstations, upgraded network systems, optimized existing business software, drafted an inventory control plan that effectively utilized strengths of existing software, isolated questionable data, reorganized corporate databases. Participated in corporate reorganization plan. Managed computer systems, software development, telecommunications, management reporting systems, and provided support for general operations.

  • Integrated SCO UNIX with NetWare 4.1 .
  • Developed software and procedures for converting data across applications and platforms
  • Analyzed multi-level marketing software package inclusive of accounting and inventory functions to determine its operational capabilities and limitations (SCO UNIX.)
  • Worked with multi-level marketing vendor to provide infrastructure and assist in the installation of a voice response system and an integrated on-line credit card server.
  • Created new accounts receivable system, which accurately tracked receivables and increased revenue. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Royal BodyCare: Manager of Computer Operations (1994 – 1996)” anchor=”Royal”]Joined international direct sales/multi-level marketer of herbal and vitamin products as an intern, hired as Network Administrator, promoted to Manager of Computer Operations with responsibilities covering IT services, company-wide. Managed all technology operations as company grew from approximately $6 million to $16 million in sales across six countries.

  • Managed an integrated SCO UNIX and Novel NetWare 3.12 network using TCP/IP and NFS. 50 DOS/Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Telnet, WAN
  • Devised program to upgrade application server hardware and software to handle 100% increased transaction load moving to a Compaq multi-processor raid level 5 system running SCO UNIX open server 5.
  • Developed and implemented custom interface between third party MLM software and third party accounting/inventory software greatly reducing man-hours required to accurately maintain inventory.
  • Conducted analysis of current operating systems to determine ways of extracting data from legacy systems and convert it into useful information. Utilized Visual Fox Pro to develop programs to solve specific business problems.
  • Assisted in the assimilation of a purchased company. Directly coordinated all technology aspects of the merger and personally supervised consolidating all existing data with a unified tree structure. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”EDS contractor: Quality Control Technician (1993 – 1994)” anchor=”EDS”]Performed post assembly quality control checks on hardware and software in a PC / UNIX manufacturing environment. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Education:” anchor=”Education”]

  • B.A. in Business Information Systems, minor in Economics, Utah State University (1991 – 1993)
  • Graduate work in Economics, Utah State University
  • Attended Louisiana State University at Alexandria (1984 – 1986) (1990 – 1991)[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Military:” anchor=”Military”]

  • U.S. Army: (1986 – 1990) Transferred from Louisiana National Guard to active duty Army. Served four years active duty as a Light Vehicle Mechanic.
  • Louisiana National Guard: (1986 – 1986) Transferred from USMC Reserve to Louisiana National Guard. Served three months as a supply clerk.
  • U.S. Marine Corps Reserve: (1984 – 1986) Enlisted at seventeen. Served two years as a Basic Infantryman (0311) working in an 81MM Mortar Platoon. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Books:” anchor=”Books”]

  • IT Service Management Foundations: ITIL Study Guide (2004) A self study guide to pass the ITIL V2 Foundations exam. This book sold all over the world and was used by thousands of students to pass the ITIL Foundations exam. With the release of ITIL V3 in 2007 and the sun setting of the V2 exams, this book is no longer in print.
  • NOT In the Child’s Best Interest This book is a result of the custody battles Ron fought for years just to maintain equal custody and time with his daughter. Once the battle subsided, Ron immediately began investigating the constitutional rights that divorce attorneys repeatedly told him he didn’t have. This 300 page book is a direct contradiction of what those attorneys said and of the way family law is conducted in this Country. It turns out that Parents do have strong constitutional rights and the way family law is practiced today is blatantly unconstitutional. Ron provides 97 case citations to support these claims, 90 of which are directly from the United States Supreme Court.
  • Protecting Parent-Child bonds: The 28th Amendment Even though the constitutional rights of parents have received strong protections from the Supreme Court the lower courts consistently fail to provide this protection to the thousands of parents who cannot manage a case all the way to the Supreme Court. For this reason, I propose a constitutional amendment that makes very clear what the rights of parents should be and what it takes to deprive those rights. It is designed specifically for parents to be able to carry a clear message to their elected representatives about the actions we want them to take.

[su_spoiler title=”Presentations:” anchor=”Presentations”]See Video: This is from a keynote speech I gave in 2006 for a pre-conference workshop at the International Symposium of Information Systems (ISIS) in Wisconsin. It isn’t the entire keynote. It includes an introduction by the workshop Chair person and includes the first few minutes of my speech.[/su_spoiler]