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  • Ron B Palmer Reveals the Sources of his Strategic Thinking

    I learned the benefit of duplicability from my experience as an IT director for two multilevel marketing companies. The name of the game there is to create a system that motivates people and that can be easily duplicated by every-day people. This concept is further enhanced from a study of systems theory, complexity, and fractals. […]

  • Going Directly from Strategy to Action is a Recipe for Failure in a Complex World

    In a simple world people often try to link strategy directly to action plans without any concept of tactics. In a complex world we need a middle piece that lets us accomplish much more than we could ever do by going directly from strategy to action. Duplicability is the key for large complicated efforts. I […]

  • The Strategy Framework

    Are you looking for a more consistent way to produce success in your personal and professional life? Strategy is the fundamental means by which we produce success in anything we set out to do and it can be learned quickly and easily. Find out how in this free whitepaper. Ron B Palmer – Strategy Framework […]